Happiness Journey 2018 | Wellbeing for Life |  Dubai UAE
Happiness Journey 2018 | Wellbeing for Life |  Dubai UAE Happiness Journey 2018 | Wellbeing for Life |  Dubai UAE


What is the Happiness Carnival?

The Happiness Carnival is the first of its kind, highlighting the values of happiness and wellbeing in a colourful and eye-catching spectacle.

In line with the International Day of Happiness, this vibrant carnival takes on to the streets of Dubai, bringing together more than 2,000 participants representing 200+ nationalities to experience the rich cultural diversity of the UAE.

Themed around ‘Wellbeing for Life’, the carnival celebrates happiness, one of the key attributes linked to our own wellbeing.

Guests can expect an afternoon of dazzling entertainment, infused with the spirit of happiness and positivity, as the carnival combines music, art, performance and public participation, making it a unique celebration of happiness and wellbeing!

If you have attended before, brace yourself! The spectacular carnival this year promises to be bigger and greater, one that makes all citizens and residents proud to call the UAE their home.

When does the Happiness Carnival take place?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Where does the Happiness Carnival take place?

The event is taking place at City Walk (phase 2), Al Mustaqbal Street, Dubai.

What time is the Happiness Carnival?


How can I participate?

The Happiness Carnival is open to the general public. Just come and enjoy a coffee in a nearby cafe, grab a bite, and enjoy the spectacle from start to finish. It's a great way to spend the day and have a good time with family and friends.

What is the Happiness Carnival?Is there any fee to attend the Happiness Carnival?

There is no admission fee. Entry is free for the general public.

Is there public transportation? Where do I park for the carnival?

The Carnival at City Walk is easily accessible by public transportation and public parking is available at the same location.

What is the Happiness Journey?

The Happiness Journey (HJ) is an annual experiential event that celebrates the International Day of Happiness (March 20th). The event is called Happiness Journey because happiness is not a destination but a learning journey. This year, the Happiness Journey will bring to life an experiential event for the community where visitors can discover the true meaning of happiness and wellbeing.

When does the Happiness Journey take place?

The event takes place from 16th - 20th March 2018.

Where does the Happiness Journey take place?

The event takes place at The Block, Dubai Design District (D3).

What time does the Happiness Journey start and end?

The event starts at 4 pm and ends at 10 pm daily. We recommend arriving 20 minutes earlier.

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome to attend, especially the young at heart.

Is there any fee to attend the Happiness Journey?

No. The event is free and open to the general public.

How do I get to the event venue?

You can get there by taxi or your own car. There are plenty of spaces available at parking ‘C’ & ‘D’.

Dubai Design District
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
GPS: Lat: 25.18629 Lng: 55.29914

Valet Service
There is a valet parking service available for the event at a fee.

Bus Service
The Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) operates a bus route from the Dubai Mall Metro Station to D3 with route designation D3. Additional route; the Dubai Mall to D3 from Sunday to Thursday.

D3 provides an air-conditioned waiting room area next to the bus stop on the ground floor of Building 6.

Is there a dress code?

No. As long as the clothing is comfortable and modest.

What are the activities taking place?

There is a variety of activities to experience. For example:

  • Unique Multisensory Happiness Experiences: Science of Happiness, where experiences will focus on optimism, compassion, wisdom, mindfulness and kindness.
  • Motivational and interactive sessions on happiness, health, positivity and wellbeing. Joyful Activities: Engaging experiences that resonate with happiness (Food / Yoga / Laughter Mob / Music).
  • For the full list of activities, please see the schedule (link to schedule/program).
Are there any food outlets?

Yes, there is a variety of food outlets at the venue catering to different tastes.

Is there a kids’ area?

Yes, there is an area for the little ones and the not-so-little ones to enjoy.

Is there a paramedic on site for emergencies?

Yes, there is.

How can I participate in the happiness journey?

By attending the event.

Can I create a workshop for the event?

Please send us an email to: info@happinessjourney.ae

How can I become a partner in the happiness journey?

Please send us an email to info@happinessjourney.ae

Can I become a sponsor?

Please send us an email to: info@happinessjourney.ae

Is the happiness journey going to make me happier?

The event is called the Happiness Journey since happiness is not a destination but a learning journey. We aim to create a highly anticipated global movement, attracting people, leaders in their field and bold companies from all over the world to join the Happiness Journey with enthusiasm. The journey focuses on many themes that relate to happiness, art, music, physical health & wellbeing and a lot more.

What are the year of Zayed values?

  • Wisdom
  • Respect
  • Sustainability
  • Human Development
What is the science of happiness and wellbeing?

Over the last decade, scientists have been turning their attention to what makes people thrive. Phycologists encourage individuals and even communities to adopt practices that can boost optimism, increase resilience, and help them live happy, fulfilling lives.

We have identified 23 values of science of happiness and wellbeing: positivity, social relationships, resilience, compassion, gratitude, awe, empathy, mirth, justice, cooperation, forgiveness, trust, kindness, respect, humility, mindfulness, grit, higher purpose, wisdom, tolerance, meaning, giving, altruism.

What is the theme of the event?

The over-arching message for this year’s event is ‘wellbeing for life’. Happiness Journey aims to raise society’s awareness of the science behind wellbeing, happiness and positivity through multi-sensory and experiential activities.

Why do I need to register?

We encourage everyone to be part of our community as together we will grow and succeed in making our journey the happiest it can be. We want to keep you updated with up-and-coming initiatives we plan to have for you and include you in related communications to continue your journey towards happiness.

How do I register?

By simply downloading the Happiness Journey mobile application from the AppStore or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, please open the app on your device where you will see the Registration screen & at the event.

How long does the registration process take?

Registration is a very simple process of inputting your personal information using the required fields and confirming the Register button.

Do I need the app?

Yes, the app is a key component of the Happiness Journey and is required to access the full event experiences and schedule.

Is registration mandatory?

Yes, to make use of the Happiness Journey mobile application, registration is mandatory.

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